You’re a good mom.


You are a good mom.  Yes, you are.

So what if you went and took a shower alone instead of reading 5 bedtime stories?  SO WHAT?!  Your child is not going to die or be permanently damaged from it.

So what if your kid went to school today looking half homeless because he wouldn’t let you put gel in his hair to lay down his cow licks?  SO WHAT!?  Will it kill them?  Nope.  Will it harm his social life?  I guess if it does he will decide to start either letting you gel the cowlicks or do it himself!

So what if you need a break… So what if you feel like you need to get away from your kids and do something that has nothing to do with them.  Would you look at you, being a normal human being.

My day to day life is so full, and usually chaotic.  Mornings are a rush to get kids dressed and half way groomed so they can go to school.  I don’t home school, but high five to all of those that do!  I wish I could home-school but if I’m being honest… there is not a snowballs chance in South Texas on an August day around 1 pm that I could.  Even though I enjoy the summers off and do enjoy time with them… trying to teach them everyday would be about as successful as giving an alligator a root canal with no anesthesia.

For me, as a stay at home mom, after the morning school chaos, my day is all errands, poop diapers, fixing sippy cups and bottles, cleaning, more cleaning, more dirty diapers, laundry, cooking, cleaning, maybe some work on my shop, more cleaning, more laundry… then everyone comes home from school and work.  About 3:45 in my home starts the daily, do your chores, get your shoes out of the floor, don’t run in the house, do your chores, I love you, OMG DO YOUR CHORES.  Baths, dinner, TV time, talking about their day, and then it’s bedtime.  As long as the day seems, it’s over just like that.

I can’t tell you how many nights, after the kids are in bed, that I feel guilty.  I feel so bad because what if I was too hard on them.  What if I don’t let them be kids enough?  What if I’m doing this all wrong?

You know what, I’m here to tell you this….  I’m a darn good Mamma AND SO ARE YOU.  Are your kids fed?  Are your kids loved?  Are your kids mostly happy people?  Are they the main reason you get up in the morning?  Are they why you do most everything you do… Well look at you… being a good mom.  I mean, I kept all the kids alive all day and did other stuff too, LOOK AT ME GO.

Mom guilt is the devil.  It really is.  That nagging feeling when you think you could have maybe done more… it’s not fair to you.  LET IT GO.  Tomorrow is another day, wanna do something different? Go for it.  Do it!  Just don’t drag that pesky mom guilt from yesterday with you.

I mean, me personally, I’ve never even come close to getting any mom of the year trophies… I lost out on the PRE-PRE qualifications for that award, and that’s okay.  If you ask my kids who the best mom in the world is, guess what they’re gonna say?  ME!  That’s right, they’re gonna say ME.  I bet if I asked your kids who the best mom in the world is, they will say YOU.  That’s an award in itself.  Let’s have celebratory margaritas, or wine, or beer or whatever floats your boat.

And Moms, most importantly, take care of YOURSELF.  You cannot pour from an empty cup.  If you need a break, find a way and take it.  Remember that when you’re feeling happier, better, stronger, that it will reflect 100% in everything that you do.

Us moms have to stick together.  Motherhood is one tough hood, and it’s one day at a time!









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