Silly names songs (Free Cut File inside)

I’m a stay at home mom, two of the kids stay home with me, two go to school daily, and two of them come over on the weekends.  Oh yeah, and we have a puppy that’s like another kid.  He’s the only one who sleeps in our bed of all the kids, and he likes to wake me up at random hours touching his cold nose to me.  Yippie.

I love all these kids, even when the first thing I have to deal with when I open my eyes, is baby dookey.  Not the usual kind either… the kind that you see in those horror pictures on Facebook smeared everywhere… Yep, that kind.  All the sighs.  At least she’s cute!

Today’s agenda included grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and attempting for the third day in a row to add all the new files I’ve been making after bedtime to my Etsy shop.  I should have stayed home in my PJs and watched cartoons with the kids all day.

Apparently, when you walk around Walmart singing, “Harper, Harper, Harper Louisa” over and over and over so that your 10 month old daughter won’t scream at the top of her lungs, people think you’re nuts.  If I had a dollar for every “She’s lost her mind” look I was given today… I could buy three bottles of much deserved wine.  SERIOUSLY!  I sang my little tune for over an hour as I walked to isles of Walmart while my almost 2 year old danced and dropped bits of chips all over the store.  Ask me how many times I had to retrieve a pacifier from underneath a shelf and wipe it off while the same munchkin that tossed it down cries for it?  Let’s add a dollar for each of those…. I’d be stinkin’ rich!

Then, I’m looking for a check out in the Devil’s playground… and of course… there’s only a couple open and they’ve all got line.  I’m not sure I can continue my song and self check out, so I pick a line feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from our outing and it’s not over yet.  In front of me is an older lady, and I notice her glance at us a few times.  She didn’t give me the “did you take your medication today” look though, just curious.  I’m really still singing.  I even answer my phone and as my mom is trying to tell me something I said, “I’m listening to you… just talk and bare with my Harper song, it’s the only thing that’s working.”  So she talks and I sing to my girl.  After my call, I’m still singing… SERIOUSLY.  Then this sweet older lady turns around… and she smiles at my babies.  She looks up at me and I can see it in her eyes, she doesn’t think I’m insane…

“Isn’t a wonderful thing?  That your daughter loves you so much that you singing to her is what soothes her… I remember when I had 5 young kids… and I would sing to them all the time.  I probably sounded like a broken record but it always soothed them.  It’s amazing to me, how much our children need us and look to us…. even if it’s just to sing a silly song.”  she said to me so sincerely.  WOW.  “You know, I never thought about it like that…” was all I could even say.  Right in the heart strings she hit me… and she was so right…  My girl was sleepy and she was fine as long as I sang.  “I know you probably feel crazy, but this phase of life with kids is maddening but it’s also the most love filled.  They will never need you more than they need you right now. Calm the storms now with whatever works and smile while you do it.  One day, those sweet little babies will not be little babies anymore.”  I’m not a super emotional person but that hit me right in the feels.

Life is crazy.  Raising kids is a crazy, thrilling, stressful, love filled roller coaster but one day… They won’t want my silly name songs, or mommy snuggles, or to have 50 bites of everything I eat.  Being overwhelmed is normal, trust me.  I feel overwhelmed all the time… but I sang that silly name song with smiles and silly dances all through the check out and all the way to the car.  I still bought wine… but I mean… I am only human.

Here’s a free file for y’all, enjoy, smile, sing those silly songs, and as always.. Happy Crafting! -Teri

Look at the stars, how they shine for you!




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